The lawyers at Jones & Smith represented my wife and me for injuries that I received in a very serious automobile collision in Chatham County, Georgia. My injuries were severe and will cause me problems for the remainder of my life. The insurance company for the at-fault driver was extremely stubborn and refused to offer an adequate settlement. As a result, Bobby Jones and his son, Justin Jones, tried my case for me in Chatham County State Court in Savannah, Georgia. Because of Bobby’s experience and skill, the trial resulted in a very favorable verdict. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the legal ability and professionalism shown by my attorneys during the trial of the case. My case was expertly presented to the jury. Several of the witnesses that
the insurance company tried to use against me were subjected to withering cross-examinations by Bobby and Justin during the trial. I would highly recommend the lawyers at Jones & Smith to anyone who has been seriously injured or to anyone whose loved ones have died as a result of injuries sustained in a vehicular collision. I learned during my case the importance of having lawyers who will stand up to the insurance company and who will actually go into the court room and try a case before a judge and jury.


- Kareem Evans

I lost my husband in an 18-wheeler tractor trailer collision on Interstate 16. My husband was free from fault, and the liability rested totally on the 18- wheeler, as it rear-ended my husband’s vehicle. Bobby represented me and my children in a lawsuit against the trucking company and its insurance company for the wrongful death of my husband. Bobby met with us many times; he even met with us in our home on several occasions. He was always responsive to our phone calls and was available at all times to discuss any matter. Bobby concluded the case and it was settled for a confidential sum. Our family was totally satisfied with the representation that we received by Bobby and the staff at the law firm of Jones & Smith. In my opinion, there are no better lawyers in the state than those at Jones & Smith in Metter, Georgia.


- Marilyn Jones

I was in a serious 18-wheel tractor trailer accident which resulted in my leg having to be traumatically amputated. Bobby Jones represented me in my case and I was extremely impressed with his caring attitude and legal ability. Bobby Jones and Butch Smith are excellent people, and it is obvious that they actually put their clients’ interests first. Both Bobby and Butch became my
personal friends during the case and have remained so. My case was very difficult and presented serious legal challenges, but Bobby handled them with experience and confidence. Bobby hired a life-care planner to demonstrate what my cost of care would be for the remainder of my life. Additionally, other experts were hired to assist in the proving of my case that were invaluable in the final result obtained. Bobby is not only a man of great legal acumen, but an excellent strategist as well. I was very pleased with everything that was done by Bobby and Butch during my representation and would highly recommend them for all your personal injury needs.

- Fred Mikell

I lost my son due to what I believed to have been medical malpractice. I live in a small town in south Georgia and the case was against my local hospital and physicians that I personally knew. It was a very difficult situation. In spite of this, I was extremely pleased with the representation I received from Bobby Jones and the law firm of Jones & Smith. Bobby and his partner, Butch Smith, tried the case for me and demonstrated an outstanding ability in the courtroom. Their years of experience and legal savvy were so abundantly apparent that I cannot even imagine better lawyers in the courtroom. I would highly recommend Jones & Smith to anybody who may have a claim for negligence that resulted in a serious injury or death.

- Patsy Yeomans

“Several years ago, my wife was killed in a collision with an 18-whee1er on Interstate 16 near Savannah. I hired Butch Smith of Jones & Smith in Metter, Georgia to handle my case. Butch did a great job, and kept me fully informed at each step along the way. Butch never hesitated to meet with me in my home, or at any place that was mutually convenient. I was very pleased with the outcome as I recovered substantially more than the amount of liability insurance coverage that had been purchased by the driver of the 18-wheeler and his employer. This would not have happened except for Butch’s experience and knowledge of applying all of the lesser-known rules applicable to trucking companies. I recommend Butch and his firm without any hesitation. I found him to be extremely thorough, aggressive, and very honest.”

- Rick Melton

“I lost my son as a result of negligent medical care. Believe me, nothing could be worse. I had to speak out. By doing so, I was hoping that I might keep this nightmare from happening to anyone else. I hired Butch Smith of the law firm of Jones & Smith in Metter to investigate this matter. We filed suit. What a great job Butch did! His medical knowledge was extremely impressive, and the outside medical experts who worked with us were top-notch. When it was all over, I was very satisfied. I believe with Butch’s help, my objective was achieved.”

- J. Williams