Molly McNeely

“My husband died from injuries he received in an automobile collision. He was 72 years old. My case was different because the wreck that claimed my husband’s life was caused by the negligence of an on-duty deputy sheriff. Under the law, I had to pursue my claim against the deputy’s boss, the sitting sheriff, in a small, rural south-Georgia county. I hired Butch Smith and the law firm of Jones & Smith in Metter, Georgia to represent me. I am so glad I did. Butch never batted an eye about suing the current sheriff. In order to get justice, we had to take my case all the way through a jury trial. In the end, the jury awarded me over $2,000,000. If you are seeking an honest, caring, hard-working, and highly-skilled attorney, you should give Butch and his law firm a call.”