Kareem Evans

The lawyers at Jones & Smith represented my wife and me for injuries that I received in a very serious automobile collision in Chatham County, Georgia. My injuries were severe and will cause me problems for the remainder of my life. The insurance company for the at-fault driver was extremely stubborn and refused to offer an adequate settlement. As a result, Bobby Jones and his son, Justin Jones, tried my case for me in Chatham County State Court in Savannah, Georgia. Because of Bobby’s experience and skill, the trial resulted in a very favorable verdict. My wife and I were extremely pleased with the legal ability and professionalism shown by my attorneys during the trial of the case. My case was expertly presented to the jury. Several of the witnesses that
the insurance company tried to use against me were subjected to withering cross-examinations by Bobby and Justin during the trial. I would highly recommend the lawyers at Jones & Smith to anyone who has been seriously injured or to anyone whose loved ones have died as a result of injuries sustained in a vehicular collision. I learned during my case the importance of having lawyers who will stand up to the insurance company and who will actually go into the court room and try a case before a judge and jury.