Fred Mikell

I was in a serious 18-wheel tractor trailer accident which resulted in my leg having to be traumatically amputated. Bobby Jones represented me in my case and I was extremely impressed with his caring attitude and legal ability. Bobby Jones and Butch Smith are excellent people, and it is obvious that they actually put their clients’ interests first. Both Bobby and Butch became my
personal friends during the case and have remained so. My case was very difficult and presented serious legal challenges, but Bobby handled them with experience and confidence. Bobby hired a life-care planner to demonstrate what my cost of care would be for the remainder of my life. Additionally, other experts were hired to assist in the proving of my case that were invaluable in the final result obtained. Bobby is not only a man of great legal acumen, but an excellent strategist as well. I was very pleased with everything that was done by Bobby and Butch during my representation and would highly recommend them for all your personal injury needs.