Insurance and Business Disputes

As long as individuals pay insurance premiums in a timely fashion, the insurance company generally acts “like a good neighbor”. Sometimes when the policy holder calls upon the insurance company to pay a claim, the policy holder may discover that he or she is not really “in good hands” as far as the insurance company is concerned. We represent clients with claims against their insurance carriers for bad faith denial of benefits and claims that should have been paid but were not. These claims can involve health/hospitalization insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and general property insurance claims.

In our practice, we have handled many cases where competing businesses find themselves at odds with one another. Additionally, we have been involved in cases where major lenders foreclose on property without legal justification. These type cases should always be handled by experienced litigators, like Butch and Bobby. Their expertise in this area of the law is clearly reflected by the results they have achieved.